Yoghurt Artisan

For Five Generations

Time honoured

Traditional Method’s


Artisan’s From

The Island Of

The Evia yoghurt recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. Beginning with Maria, Handed down to Helen, Given to Angelo, Passed onto John & Marianne, Shared with Evan, Matthew, James & Elizabeth.

How we make our yoghurt matters.

yiayia was a master yoghurt maker. as a family, we were passed down the time honoured traditional methods of making yoghurt. with each passing generation, we continued to adopt new modern methods to produce and distribute our proud family recipe. because how we make our yoghurt matters.


you can tastethe difference.

Evia prides itself on holding true to our ancestry by producing our yoghurt with an authentic Greek yoghurt culture from Greece. you can taste the difference.




4lts of Aussie Milk =1kg

EVIA Yoghurt uses 4 litres of milk to make 1 kg of yoghurt. We start by pasteurizing the milk then we add our greek live cultures.


good food is art.

waiting patiently for the fermentation to take place is an important and critical step for a yoghurt artisan. It’s at this point, the characteristic acidity and texture form, creating our unique taste and signature flavour of Evia awarding winning yoghurt. then we strain to remove most of the whey, resulting in a naturally thick and creamy yoghurt.

Award Winning Yoghurt.

NO gelatins, thickeners, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are added IN EVIA yoghurt. Evia yoghurt can be found in the refrigerator aisle at your local grocer.

Where to Buy Evia

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